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Caribou Industries to Build Expansive 15 Story Skyrise to Santa Ana Downtown

Bringing Economic Renewal and Architectural Majesty to a Once Quiet District.

Caribou Industries is on the brink of transforming downtown Santa Ana with an ambitious mixed-use high-rise project. After a decade of meticulous planning and overcoming public debate, company President Michael Harrah is set to breathe new life into the historic heart of the city. The "3rd & Broadway Promenade" project, with a staggering investment of over $100 million, promises a vibrant blend of apartments, retail spaces, restaurants, and hotel rooms, marking a significant step in the urban revival of the area.

The project, which will commence next spring, is poised to reshape the Santa Ana skyline. It features a 15-story apartment tower offering both luxury living and affordability, with ground-floor commercial spaces set to host a variety of shops and eateries. Additionally, a 10-story hotel within the complex is expected to attract visitors and contribute to the local economy. This development, which adeptly combines high-density living with walkability, aligns with regional and national urban trends.

Harrah, during a visit to the site at West Third Street and North Broadway, highlighted the project's prime location, surrounded by the dynamic OC Streetcar line, the cultural richness of the Fourth Street Latino district, and the artistic allure of the Artist's Village. His vision for the "3rd & Broadway Promenade" is not just about building structures but creating a pulsating hub in the heart of the city.

The new apartment building, standing at an impressive 194 feet, will house 171 units, including 19 affordable options for very-low-income tenants. The building is designed with unique features like a rooftop pool and a secondary pool on the seventh floor, offering residents luxury amenities with a view.

Despite some objections from residents, the Santa Ana City Council recognized the project's potential, contributing a substantial parcel of land and a $13 million subsidy. This strategic public-private partnership underlines the city's commitment to revitalizing its downtown area, a vision shared and brought to life by Harrah's dedication and entrepreneurial acumen.

This project is not Harrah's first rodeo in Santa Ana. His portfolio includes numerous properties in the city, including the former Orange County Register office. His foresight in real estate development has been demonstrated through various successful projects, like the sale of the a former printing plant to Amazon for a new distribution center.

While some expressed concern over the land giveaway and subsidies, supporters, including trade unions and business interests, see the project as a catalyst for downtown revitalization and job creation. 

Harrah's project stands as a testament to visionary urban development, promising to redefine downtown Santa Ana and serve as a beacon of economic and architectural renewal.


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