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Congressional Candidate Joanna Weiss Found to Have Financial Ties Between Campaign and Catholic Church Sex Scandal

Women’s rights supporter and pro-abortion advocate, Joanna Weiss, was found to have financial connections to the Catholic Church’s sex scandal.

Joanna Weiss, a candidate for California’s 47th District,  has established herself as the candidate who will protect women’s reproductive rights and abortion access while constantly repeating that she prides herself on her “deep commitment to ethics.” Weiss was commended for her transparency and advocacy until it was recently discovered her campaign had been receiving personal funding from her husband, Jason Weiss, a lawyer who is known to have advocated on behalf of the Catholic Church in several sex scandal cases. 

The public filings for Joanna’s campaign revealed $231,600 being personally donated on her behalf. As a mom of three and social activist, Joanna Weiss is not the breadwinner of the family; her husband, Jason Weiss is. There would be nothing: Where is the money coming from?

The revelation brings to light a complex web of financial transactions and raises questions about transparency and accountability within the realm of political and religious institutions.

Jason Weiss has been discovered to be a lawyer in not one, but several, cases in which he has defended the Catholic Church in sexual abuse case involving a minor. While the plaintiffs in each case remain to be Jane Doe’s, the accusation is the same: the Catholic Church was guilty for engaging in a “pattern and practice of employing sexual abusers” resulting in a “conspiracy of silence” for the plaintiff.

Jason Weiss’ career defending the infamous institution would not be problematic if not for these funds being used to propagate Joanna as the candidate for CA-47. Not to mention, the Catholic Church has been a notorious enemy of the pro-abortion agenda and Weiss’ campaign being funded by the alt-right pro-choice church raises concerns from her base about her loyalty to her so-called “ethics.”

While Weiss attempted to discredit the report that made the correlation between her husband’s income and her campaign funding through emotional appeals, there was no direct denouncement of the root issue: the funding fueling her “pro-women” platform.

Weiss has made attempts to discredit her opponent, Dave Min, for his history with the Federalist Society, yet he is still the only candidate in CA-47 to be 100% endorsed by Planned Parenthood.


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