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Congressional Candidate Scott Baugh Intends to Crack Down on Insider Trading in Congress

Baugh declares his intention to ban stock trading for Members of Congress to shift the focus on legislation, not personal financial gain. 

Scott Baugh, a Congressional candidate in the 2024 race, has come out declaring a new campaign initiative: banning stock trading for members of Congress. The sentiment by Baugh echos a previous piece of legislation put forth in 2023 (S. 1171) which banned members of Congress and their families from purchasing or selling certain investments. 

Baugh tweeted: “For our nation to prosper, we need to hold our leaders accountable for their actions. This starts with banning stock trades among members of Congress. Congress should focus on passing fair and effective legislation, and not profiting off of insider trading.”

Baugh’s intention to reduce potential conflicts of interest and restore public trust in the political system is at the core of this new campaign initiative. In his tweet, Baugh continued to emphasize: “Members of Congress should be banned from trading stocks with inside information. If you want to be a member of Congress, you should commit to suspending all stock trades. Too many members of Congress are getting rich off of inside information they learn from secret briefings, Insider trading is illegal for the American people and should be illegal for members of Congress.

Baugh's announcement comes on the heels of growing public scrutiny regarding lawmakers profiting from insider information. The ban on stock trading for members of Congress is a bold step towards eradicating any perception of impropriety and fostering a government that prioritizes the needs of the people. In 2022 there were 97 Members of Congress who were caught with their congressional work intersecting with their financial investments, and 78 Members in the year of 2023, all in violation of the 2012 STOCK Act. 

While critics argue that such a move may limit lawmakers' financial opportunities, supporters commend Baugh for prioritizing the public's trust over personal financial gains. As the conversation around ethical governance continues to gain momentum, Baugh's decision sets a precedent for other legislators to follow suit and redefine the ethical standards expected of public servants.

The campaign initiative from Baugh to ban stock trading for members of Congress is a significant development in the ongoing efforts to promote accountability and transparency within the U.S. government. Scott Baugh's bold move is poised to reshape the landscape of political ethics and reaffirm the public's faith in the democratic process.

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