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Congressional Candidate Scott Baugh Takes the Lead in Funding for CA-47 Race

Baugh has outpaced all of the CA-47 candidates in fundraising mere days before the March 5th Primary Election.  

Southern California Congressional Candidate Scott Baugh is emerging as a front-runner for California’s 47th Congressional seat where fundraising is concerned. The race between Dave Min, Joanna Weiss, Max Ukropina, and Scott Baugh is heating up as both Democrat and Republican candidates alike are eager to vie for CA-47. Mere days away from the March 5th Primary, Baugh has raised over 1.7 million dollars and is the most funded candidate in the race. 

Baugh has held the lead financially over his opponents for quite some time. In late 2023, Baugh had already raised one million dollars. Baugh is even running financial circles around his Democratic opponents. Dave Min was able to out-fundraise Joanna Weiss with $591,000 compared to her $179,000 which still pales in comparison to the support Baugh has obtained. 

“I am deeply grateful to my supporters who have placed their trust and confidence in our campaign,” commented Baugh. “The foundation we built in 2022 is going to pay off with an incredible victory in 2024.”

In his bid for CA-47 in 2022, Baugh raised and spent just above 3 million dollars and took home 48.3% of the votes. His 2022 opponent, Katie Porter (D), raised 25 million dollars, spent nearly 28 million, and took home 51.7% of the vote, winning her the CA-47 seat. Baugh has shown his ability to do a lot with a little in this race by spending a fraction of the funds but still coming within 3% of the final voting margins.

Former Executive Director of the California Republican Party, Jon Fleischman, commented saying: “California’s 47th District represents the best pickup opportunity for Republicans in the country. The unity of all Republicans behind his candidacy and these strong fundraising numbers show that Baugh is the right candidate to win this district for the GOP.”

It is no surprise that with Baugh’s political experience, translated by his ability to garner support from voters, that he has been able to fundraise and surpass not only his Republican opponent, but Democrat opponents as well. While finances are not a clear indicator of election outcomes, Baugh has positioned himself well prior to March 5.


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