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Councilwoman Kim Nguyen Launches Early 2024 Bid for CA-45

Councilwoman Nguyen regroups and launches the bid for congress after recently losing her race for the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

Garden Grove Councilwoman Kim Bernice Nguyen recently launched a bid for California’s 45th Congressional district, in what could be a challenge against Republican incumbent Rep. Michelle Steel, who is now in her second term in Congress.

Nguyen began her political career after winning a Garden Grove City Council seat in 2016, making history as the first Latina to serve on the Grove City Council, and is now in her second term.

“While Washington plays political games, California families are struggling, dealing with the rising cost of living, education and healthcare, as well as climate disasters like floods and wildfires,” Nguyen said.

The 45th congressional district covers Placentia, Westminster, Fountain Valley, and even part of Cerritos in Los Angeles County.

If she prevails in the primary, Nguyen would likely go up against Representative Michelle Steel,who has resonated with the communities she represents. Steel, 67, began her political career as early as her involvement with the Bush Administration.

In recent years, Steel has won two congressional elections in Orange County under testing circumstances. Even after redistricting, which presented Steel with an 85% new constituency, she was able to campaign and rally support, and win her race.

Having been involved with various boards and the House of Representatives, Steel positions herself favorably when it comes to elections with a larger political audience. Her continuous commitment to the GOP and conservative affairs garners political support from diverse origins.

Basing her platform on issues such as immigration and aiding marginalized communities, Nguyen faced opponents that focused on homelessness and inflation, perhaps issues that were more pressing.

In the race for the Board of Supervisors, Nguyen lost to Vicente Sarmiento. For this upcoming election, Nguyen will also incorporate topics of housing and mental health into her campaign agenda.

Though there are obvious differences between the two parties, this election will provide the people a chance to vote for a representative that can champion the concerns of the people most efficiently.


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