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Faulconer's Vision: A Proactive Approach to Homelessness For San Diego

Former Mayor's Record Shows Commitment to Addressing Key Community Concerns.

In the upcoming county supervisor’s race, former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer presents a vision of progress and dedication, particularly in addressing the pressing issue of homelessness, a critical concern for the region. Faulconer’s tenure as mayor showcased a proactive approach to this challenge, marked by a significant reduction in the homeless population and the initiation of impactful measures to combat the crisis.

"While homeless populations were growing out of control in big cities across California, San Diego's was actually reduced under my leadership," Faulconer said. "We can do it again, this time at the county level."

Faulconer’s leadership was most evident during the public health crisis of 2016-18. His swift response to the hepatitis A outbreak, which predominantly affected the homeless community, demonstrated his commitment to public health and safety. Under his administration, there was an increased focus on expanding mental health care facilities, creating more housing, and enhancing support services for the homeless. These efforts led to a noticeable dip in homelessness, as per the annual count, affirming Faulconer's results-driven approach.

Beyond homelessness, Faulconer's record as mayor reveals a broader commitment to public safety and community welfare. His administration was marked by good relations with the San Diego Police Department and notable initiatives, including a substantial salary increase for officers, underscoring his dedication to maintaining a safe and secure community.

Faulconer's ability to address complex issues with practical solutions contrasts with the current strategies employed by the county under Democratic leadership. Despite recent efforts, the county still faces challenges, such as lagging in the utilization of housing vouchers for veterans. Faulconer's history suggests a more dynamic and results-oriented approach to these persistent problems.

In the broader political landscape, Faulconer stands out with his moderate profile, advocating for practical solutions over partisan politics. His support for abortion rights and his previous electoral successes within portions of the district highlight his appeal to a diverse voter base. His pragmatic approach to governance, focusing on community needs over partisan agendas, positions him as a candidate capable of transcending traditional political boundaries.

As the race unfolds, Faulconer's track record as a leader who prioritizes community welfare and effective governance presents a compelling choice for voters concerned with addressing the challenges of homelessness and public safety in their region. His vision and experience offer a promise of continued progress and effective leadership for the community.


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