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Gracey Van Der Mark Elected New Huntington Beach Mayor

Local Leadership Embraces Change with Historic Mayoral Appointment.

Huntington Beach recently ushered in a new era of leadership with the appointment of Gracey Van Der Mark as the city's first latina mayor.

Van Der Mark's appointment, characterized by a 4-3 vote, transcends mere political formality. It represents a strategic choice by the council, opting for a leader who embodies both the community's aspirations and a commitment to tangible change. As the first Latina mayor of Huntington Beach, Van Der Mark's ascension is not just a personal triumph but a moment of pride for the entire city. Her words, "This means so much, not only for my family and I, but for the entire city."

The new mayor's journey to this pivotal role has been marked by bold initiatives and a dedication to community values. Van Der Mark's notable efforts include advocating for a community review board to oversee children's books in public libraries, addressing concerns over sexual content. Furthermore, her leadership was instrumental in the city's withdrawal from the Orange County Power Authority and securing a settlement with the air show operator, showcasing her ability to navigate complex issues and deliver results.

Van Der Mark's predecessor, Tony Strickland, played a crucial role in mentoring her, preparing her for the mayoral responsibilities. Strickland's praise, "She’s a fighter," highlights Van Der Mark's unwavering commitment to her principles and her seamless transition from a citizen to a civic leader.

However, not all council decisions were met with unanimous approval. The rejection of Councilmember Natalie Moser for mayor and mayor pro tem, and the deviation from the seniority-based leadership policy, sparked controversy. Moser expressed disappointment, citing the council's departure from established norms.

Despite these disagreements, Van Der Mark's leadership signals a new chapter for Huntington Beach. With a blend of fresh perspectives and steadfast resolve, she stands ready to steer the city towards a future that honors its heritage while embracing progressive changes.


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