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Irvine Residents Upset After Mayor Farrah Khan Shares Post Condemning Israeli Government

The Controversial Post from Mayor Khan Sparked Outrage.

Israel-supporting residents of Irvine who were protesting the Israel-Hamas war publicly condemned Mayor Farrah Khan after she posted a link to a petition that blamed the Israeli government for the war.

The now-deleted Facebook post by the mayor generated a lot of controversy, with Irvine residents arguing that she was being inconsiderate of Israel’s point of view, given they were attacked by Hamas fighters on October 7.

According to an interview done by California Courier, residents were not happy with the mayor’s virtue signaling against Israel.

“We can have a ceasefire when the hostages are returned, and when every single Hamas fighter surrenders, and when they “Call Saul” for their war crimes trial,” a local protestor told the outlet when asked about the mayor.

“It’s not possible to negotiate with terrorists,” another protester said when asked the same question. “The last time there was a ceasefire was on October 6 and we saw what happened on October 7. We cannot allow this to happen ever again. Never again is right now.”

The petition that Mayor Khan posted repeatedly condemns the Israeli government, claiming they “stopped all food, fuel, water, electricity, and humanitarian assistance from entering Gaza, which has already had devastating impacts on over 2 million people.”

“This action has exacerbated the existing humanitarian crisis caused by the Israeli government's air, land, and sea blockade, and will likely result in catastrophic loss of life if continued…It’s unacceptable, inhumane, unjust, collective punishment, and is also a violation of international law. It must end now.”

Mayor Khan ended up deleting the Facebook post, but has yet to admit any wrongdoing publicly.

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Fariha Ahmed
Fariha Ahmed
May 27

Thank you mayor khan for being on the right side of history

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