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LA County Sheriff Crosses Party Lines to Endorse Barger for Re-Election

Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna has endorsed Kathryn Barger for re-election in the 2024 race for the county supervisor of Los Angeles’ Fifth district.

Kathryn Barger has secured yet another endorsement in her race for Los Angeles County Supervisor for the fifth district. This will be Barger’s third and final term in this seat and her campaign focus remains the same: decrease crime, fund the police, and support the citizens of Los Angeles County. Her campaign’s emphasis on public safety has only been further bolstered by her newest endorsement coming from Los Angeles County Sheriff, and Democrat, Robert Luna.

Upon announcing her run for re-election, Barger explained: “I am proud of my work and progress on challenging the status quo on homelessness, funding more law enforcement patrols to fight crime, and expanding care for our communities — but there is more to be done. My bid for a third and final term reflects my commitment to keeping up the fight to bring the change LA County residents demand and need.”

It appears that Los Angeles County Sheriff and Democrat, Robert Luna, has crossed party lines and bought into Barger’s campaign platform. 

Luna was endorsed by the Democratic Party in his 2022 campaign for Los Angeles County Sheriff. Luna’s party ties were apparent in the endorsements he received from a laundry list of Democratic Clubs and officials including Maxine Waters, Dianne Feinstein, and Chris Holden. 

The endorsement for Kathryn Barger by Sheriff Luna is evidence that Barger’s campaign is bipartisan and drawing attention from more than just her Republican base.

Sheriff Luna came forward saying: “Supervisor Barger's dedication to ensuring the safety and security of Los Angeles County residents is unwavering. I commend her consistent strategic leadership, collaborative approach to getting work done, and her tireless support for law enforcement. She consistently works to strengthen our communities. Supervisor Barger is a true partner in promoting a safer and thriving Los Angeles County. I wholeheartedly support her re-election as Fifth District Supervisor. She will continue making our County a better and safer place for all.”

Sheriff Luna’s crossing of party lines to make this endorsement on Barger’s behalf proves Barger has sustained bipartisan support for yet another election year as she attempts to complete a final term as Los Angeles County’s Supervisor for the fifth district. 

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