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Long Beach Boys and Girls Club Receive a Generous Donation

Thanks to two local companies, the Long Beach Boys and Girls Club received a new playground, spurring excitement in all the children.

The Boys and Girls Club in Long Beach received a brand new playground with a sustainable twist, thanks to a collaboration with local companies, Spin Master and TerraCycle. The innovative playground was constructed using recycled materials, offering a unique and eco-friendly space for children to play and explore. This project underscores the club's commitment to providing safe and engaging recreational opportunities for the youth in the community.

"It was a great collaboration for us all to come together for one goal to help kids physically and mentally and it was a wonderful challenge to work together," commented CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach, Don Rodriguez.

The playground's design incorporated recycled toys such as rubix cubes, PAW Patrol, and Hatchimals. Not only will the playground offer a fun and imaginative space for children to enjoy, but it will also serve as a valuable educational tool, teaching them about sustainability and the importance of recycling.

"It's great for the kids, it gives them the opportunity to play outside and going down a slide is always fun for anybody. But for these kids, when they saw that it was being built, they were excited to finally get an opportunity to try it out and give it a spin," Rodriguez commented.

The collaboration between the Boys and Girls Club and these local companies highlights the power of partnerships in driving positive change within the community. By working together, they have transformed a simple playground into a sustainable haven that promotes environmental stewardship and fosters a sense of responsibility among young generations.

"We've been working with TerraCycle for many years, allowing customers to send in their previously loved toys for free into a free recycling program. And this basically represents all the toys that we've collected during our partnership with TerraCycle," commented the Vice President of Corporate Citizenship for Spin Master, Tammy Smitham.

Overall, the installation of the recycled playground at the Boys and Girls Club in Long Beach represents a significant step forward in promoting environmental awareness and providing inclusive recreational opportunities for children. With its innovative design and sustainable materials, the playground serves as a shining example of how creativity and collaboration can lead to positive outcomes for both communities and the planet.


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