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Orange County Register Stands Against OUSD Recall: A Call to Maintain Parental Rights

The OC Register is advocating against the Orange Unified School District recall, emphasizing the importance of keeping parents informed and in charge of their own children.

The Orange County Register recently came out in full force against the union-backed recall of two pro-parental rights trustees - citing concerns about who is behind the recall and their reasons for wanting to get rid of the board members.

The recall campaign is targeting Board President Rick Ledesma and Trustee Madison Miner for seemingly frivolous votes they have taken, including firing a hyper-politicized superintendent and various decisions regarding school-repair funds. Yet a look behind the scenes may reveal the true intentions of the recall.

So who are Ledesma and Miner? The two ran on a slate together for the board in 2022 on a largely pro-parental rights position. Since then, their votes have been in favor of returning rights back to parents, who they say know what is best for their children - not the school district. They have also implemented a parental notification policy for the mental health of students, fought against the sexualization of children in schools, and have increased curriculum transparency.

According to Ledesma and Miner, their actions are threatening to unions - who would prefer that power over children lies with them, not parents. In fact, Greg Goodlander, executive director of the union representing Orange Unified, has labeled supporters of parental rights as “enemies”.

Overall, the Orange County Register is publicly urging a “no” vote, saying the union’s involvement reflects a broader conflict between the union and the board rather than the specific issues cited in the recall. 

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