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Porter Echoes Trump Stance in Addressing Middle East Turmoil

Eyeing the late Sen. Feinstein's seat, the Democrat unveils a hawkish posture towards Iran and Hamas.

In a recent political discourse, Democrat Katie Porter, one of the top contenders for the late Senator Dianne Feinstein's venerable seat, seemed to cross party lines with her remarks regarding the unexpected offensive against Israel by militants from Gaza. Porter attributed the assault, to a significant extent, to the United States' lax stance on Iran's actions in the region.

Though Porter has carved a niche for herself as a staunch progressive on domestic fronts, her latest commentary unveils a nuanced perspective on international affairs, particularly as she sets her sights on a higher office. The focus of her address was the influence of Iran, a known supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah factions, on the escalating tension in the Middle East.

Porter, sharing the stage with Lee and Schiff at a Sunday forum, said, “There are lost lives in Gaza and there are lost lives in Israel,” attributing the loss to the U.S.'s failure in curbing terrorism. “And it’s because the United States has allowed terrorism to flourish, and it’s refused to take a strong enough stance against Iran, who is backing Hamas and Hezbollah.”

This narrative, typically championed by centrists and Republicans—including former President Donald Trump—found an unexpected proponent in Porter. Her stance may be influenced by the demographic composition of Orange County, which boasts the second-largest Iranian American population in the nation, trailing only behind Los Angeles County. Over the years, Porter has urged the federal government to intensify its actions against the Iranian regime, spotlighting its oppressive treatment of women.

Though it remains ambiguous if Porter's remarks were a veiled critique of the Biden administration, her past expressions of concern are no secret. During a rare campaign sojourn by President Biden to Orange County last fall, Porter seized the occasion to underline her stance, recounting later that she had a forthright discussion with Biden about advocating for human rights in Iran.

In a reciprocative gesture, President Biden, while addressing supporters at UC Irvine, echoed, “Iran has to end the violence against its own citizens simply exercising their fundamental rights,” as reported by the Orange County Register.

Among the front-running Democrats, Porter's foray into foreign policy discourse reveals her as a novice, a critical revelation as she aspires for a role in the upper echelons of governance. When probed about her scant international experience on Sunday, Porter, ever the educator, acknowledged her teaching roots, affirming her commitment to thorough preparation, taking her "homework pretty seriously.”


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