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Rep. Katie Porter Doubles Down on Her Anti-Israel Stance​

Porter voted against providing funding to reinforce the defense system for Israel a second time.

Orange County’s Representative Katie Porter (D-45) voted no on legislation which would have bolstered Israel’s defense system.

The bill would have provided funding to replenish Israel’s Iron dome, which helps protect it from rocket attacks. This system protects areas with significant populations from short-range area attacks.

The push to help bolster the Iron Dome came shortly after the conflict in Israel and in the Gaza Strip. This situation involved more than 4,300 rockets being fired into Israeli airspace throughout a two week period. Despite U.S. allies requesting money to help boost their defense system, Porter voted against legislation that would assist Israel in doing so.

This is not the firs time critics have accused Porter of anti-semitism. Back in 2019, Porter voted to remove funding for additional protections for Israel. This vote was alongside other OC Democrats Harley Rouda, Gil Cisneros, and Mike Levin.

Recently, congress voted again on if the U.S. should restrict funding for Israel's Iron Dome. The results of the vote secured funding for the Iron Dome for Israel. Despite support from Democrats, images emerged in the media of New York Rep. Alexandria Ocascio-Cortez weeping in disappointment at the vote.


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