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Rep. Young Kim Brings Crucial Legislation for Maternal Health

Advancing Support for Mothers with Substance Use Disorders Through Bipartisan Effort.

In a legislative achievement, the House of Representatives has passed Rep. Young Kim’s Protecting Moms and Infants Reauthorization Act, a bill that extends critical community-based programs aiding pregnant and postpartum women grappling with substance use disorders.

This act is a robust initiative focusing on providing essential resources for pregnant and postpartum women battling substance abuse disorders. The services encompassed by this act are comprehensive, including treatment planning for Substance-Use Disorders, recovery support, parenting training, mental health counseling, and harm reduction strategies.

Rep. Kim, who also serves as the co-chair of the Maternity Care Caucus, passionately expressed her commitment to maternal health, drawing from her personal experience as a mother of four. 

"As a mother of four grown children who are now having families of their own, I have experienced and seen glimpses of the many maternal health challenges women face during and after pregnancy. Moms are warriors who keep our communities running and deserve our bipartisan support," stated Rep. Kim.

She emphasized the necessity of the Protecting Moms and Infants Reauthorization Act in providing critical treatment for mothers and their families impacted by substance use disorders, fostering long-term recovery. Her gratitude extended to Rep. Gluesenkamp Perez for the collaborative effort and to her colleagues for their support. Rep. Kim affirmed her ongoing commitment to maternity care solutions.

Rep. Gluesenkamp Perez also recognized the urgency of the addiction crisis affecting communities nationwide and the importance of collaborative efforts. "No community has gone untouched by our nation’s worsening addiction crisis, so it’s essential we work together to get folks the care and support they need," she said, acknowledging the challenges faced by mothers and the need for comprehensive resources to support their recovery and family well-being.

Rep. Kim's has also been involved in several initiatives as co-chair of the Maternity Care Caucus. These include addressing nurse workforce shortages through the bipartisan National Nursing Workforce Center Act (H.R. 2411), leading efforts in stillbirth research with the SHINE for Autumn Act (H.R. 5012), supporting domestic violence victims via the Family Violence Prevention and Services Improvement Act (H.R. 2604), advocating for the National Maternal Mental Health Hotline, and raising awareness about the maternity mortality crisis in the United States.


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