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Sara Jacobs Facilitated Boyfriend to Lie About Chula Vista Residency for Mayoral Run

Voters have expressed concern that she would facilitate her boyfriend in a lie of this seriousness.

Rep. Sara Jacobs facilitated her boyfriend, Ammar Campa-Najjar, in lying to voters about his allegedly fraudulent Chula Vista residency so that he could run for mayor in the city in late 2022.

Most cities require that individuals running for office live in the city that they hope to represent, and Campa-Najjar was running for Mayor of Chula Vista.

While Campa-Najjar claimed to live in the City of Chula Vista, his opponent, now-Chula Vista Mayor John McCann, hired a private detective to find out where he really lived.

As it turns out, Campa-Najjar was actually living at the home of Rep. Sara Jacobs, revealed to be his girlfriend at the time, even when she wasn’t there most of the time and was in Washington D.C.

The investigation, conducted by professional private investigator and former FBI Agent Lawrence Hamilton, found that he was actually in San Diego’s upscale Banker’s Hill, north of Chula Vista, at Jacobs’ residence.

Hamilton’s investigation noted that Campa-Najjar would even host friends at the Banker’s Hill residence, further proving it was his actual home during the time he was running for Mayor of Chula Vista.

In an article referencing the situation, former Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley noted it's a felony to lie on a voter registration form, which is required to be filled out in order to run for office.

This was also not Campa-Najjar's first controversy.

During his first failed congressional run, reports emerged in 2018 that Campa-Najjar's grandfather was a Palestinian terrorist who participated in the 1972 Munich Massacre as part of terrorist organization Black September. The massacre, which took place at the 1972 Summer Olympics, resulted in 11 innocent Israeli citizens being killed.

While it was Ammar Campa-Najjar who lied about where he lived, some have expressed concern that Rep. Jacobs would facilitate her boyfriend in a serious lie of this nature.

It was revealed on April 21, per disclosure filings, Sara’s billionaire grandparents, Irwin and Joan Jacobs, also each contributed $49,000 to Residents for a Brighter Chula Vista, a campaign committee supporting Ammar Campa-Najjar for Mayor. reported that Jacobs donated $5,500 to Campa-Najjar’s campaign.

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Lisa Pratte
Lisa Pratte
May 18

How can Sara Jacobs show her face after the "travel gate" and the lie about where her boyfriend lives. I never trusted him when he was running before.

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