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Stanton City Council Pushes for Israel-Palestine Ceasefire, Following D.C. Democrats Footsteps

Stanton Joins Cudahy in Supporting Gaza, Sparking Diverse Reactions in Local Communities.

The Stanton City Council proposed an Israel-Palestine ceasefire resolution Tuesday, stating that the city members lie in “solidarity” and “support” for the “palestinian people of Gaza,” an agenda release stated.

Council Member Daniel Torres requested on Nov. 14 that the item be “agendized for discussion,” modeling his proposal after another Southern California city, Cudahy, who approved their resolution to call for the ceasefire between Israel and Palestine. 

Cudahy’s City Council passed with a 3-1 vote early November stating that while they mourn the loss of lives in Israel, the city “stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people of Gaza, who are currently facing collective punishment by the state of Israel,” according to KTLA 5.

Since the Oct. 7 terrorist attack in Israel Democrats in Washington D.C. have pushed to stand in support of Palestine, even urging the Biden Administration to shield Palestinian immigrants within the U.S. from deportation, CBS News reported.

In fact, council member Torres and the Cudahy’s City Council both modeled their resolutions around Missouri Democrat Cori Bush, Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib, and fellow Democratic congress members' resolution to urge support for a ceasefire position.  

Torres’ resolution states that while it acknowledges that Israelie were killed during the Hamas attack “nearly 10,000 Palestinians” have been killed, blaming the Israeli government for the “escalated conflict.” It additionally continued to claim that the Israeli government is “engaging in collective punishment” as a response to Hamas’ attack.

“Gaza is known as "the world's largest open-air prison" due to ongoing, unbearable living conditions imposed by the Israeli government, including a full air, land and sea blockade, enclosure of its borders by concrete walls and barbed wire fences, and the strict prohibition of Palestinians from leaving and entering the territory freely,” the Stanton city city resolution stated in defense of Palestine.

However, not all agree with Torres or the push to call for a cease-fire within the Southern California cities. President of the Jewish Organization of Orange County Erik Ludwig told Politico that it was not only “disingenuous” to push the resolution forward, but that it is a “purposeful divisiveness.”

“It is disingenuous to couch that conversation as one of cease-fire,” Ludwig stated, according to Politico. “Behind the intentions of these resolutions, there is a purposeful divisiveness.”


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