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Supervisor Barger Storms Ahead in Fundraising for 2024 Re-election

Los Angeles County Supervisor for Fifth District secures commanding financial lead

Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger kicked off Tuesday with an announcement that set the tone for the 2024 re-election race for Fifth District County Supervisor: she's raised a hefty $715,000, leaving all other candidates trailing in her wake. This significant reveal came as the mid-year reporting deadline closed.

“I truly appreciate the support I have received across the board from our Fifth District community,” expressed Supervisor Barger. “Many of my supporters do not regularly give to political campaigns, which makes reaching this amount at this time all the more special. I am very grateful that so many of our neighbors have invested in our campaign.”

Noteworthy is the fact that the lion's share of Barger's funds, $650,000 to be precise, was generated within Los Angeles County itself. Individual donors were her primary supporters, an indicator that her campaign is less reliant on special interests or political action committees. In another financial victory, Barger has managed to secure the most cash on hand among all candidates, standing steady at $650,000.

“I have committed my three-decade-long county career to working with all stakeholders including business, labor, Republicans and Democrats alike. The support I have received reflects that commitment,” declared Supervisor Barger. “People are tired of partisan politics and just want common sense solutions. I have consistently put people and solutions over party — and I’m proud of that.”

Supervisor Barger's impressive support base isn't limited to financial backers. She's been endorsed by a host of mayors and bipartisan elected leaders from across the Fifth District, as well as prominent business and labor leaders, along with dozens of other community groups. A comprehensive list of these endorsements is readily available for public view.

The stage is set for the next finance reporting deadline on December 31, 2023. This promising start for Barger's campaign suggests she will continue to lead the pack.


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