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Terra Lawson-Remer wanted to install tracking technology in your car

The supervisor voted “yes” on a motion to incorporate SANDAG’s Regional Plan, which included a mileage tax and tracking technology installed in cars.

Terra Lawson-Remer wanted all San Diego County drivers to have tracking technology installed in their vehicles in an effort to implement a mileage tax on everyday commuters.

As supervisor, she voted “yes” on the San Diego Association of Governments’ 2021 regional plan, which explored “a network of Managed Lanes, a mileage-based road usage charge, a fee on the fares charged for rides provided by Transportation Network Companies, and further subsidization of transit fares.”

The now-killed effort would have implemented a four cent per mile tax on all county drivers, tracked via technology installed in vehicles, which many San Diegans felt was an invasion of their privacy and freedoms.

“SANDAG will rely on coordination with the other metropolitan planning organizations in California along with the State Department of Transportation to integrate the selection of technology, collection methods, and account management to ensure a consistent experience for travelers,” the regional plan states.

Since her extremely unpopular vote for the regional plan that angered many residents, Terra Lawson-Remer has backtracked and claimed she was never for the tracking technology or mileage tax, though her official record says otherwise.


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