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Rep. Mike Garcia Leads Passage of Crucial Wildfire Bill

Committee Approves Garcia's Fire Weather Development Act.

The escalating wildfire crisis in the United States has prompted swift legislative action from Rep. Mike Garcia of CA-27. His proactive Fire Weather Development Act secured approval from the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, a significant achievement considering the committee's Democratic leanings.

Garcia remarked, “This bill will strengthen our nation’s fire weather capabilities across the board. The human-to-wildland interface is growing, especially in North LA suburbs such as the ones in CA-27. It’s critical that we invest in revolutionizing the way we forecast fire weather, coordinate government agencies, use modern technologies, and disseminate information to firefighters and civilians. This bipartisan bill will do exactly that, complementing the groundwork laid out in my Fire Information and Reaction Enhancement Act.”

Highlighting the bill's comprehensive measures, Garcia detailed, “It will establish a modern program to improve emergency communications; streamline data collection for local communities; improve research and monitoring tools, including the use of unmanned drone technology; and so much more. In short, this is a critical force multiplier for our firefighters.”

The stark reality faced by communities nationwide is underscored by the figures from the previous year. "Last year, there were almost 69,000 wildfires that burned nearly 7.6 million acres across the country. This bill is a common-sense, necessary step toward better protecting American lives and property," he added.

Garcia's steadfast commitment to enhancing fire protection is evident. As he partners with colleagues from both parties, it remains to be seen how the broader legislative body will respond to this pressing issue.


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